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  • Product Name: Vidoe doorphone ZDL-97TM
  • Product Mode: ZDL-97TM




    Product Features:
    * IP56 waterproof outdoor unit.
    * Outdoor camera with rain shade can avoid direct sunshine.
    * Intercommunication is available between indoor unit and outdoor unit.
    * Damage-proof outdoor unit.
    * High definition camera, Night vision.
    * Hands-free intercommunication.
    * Monitoring the outdoor.
    * Brightness, chroma and ring adjustable.
    * 8-chord melody rings for option.
    * DIY installation.
    Tchnique Parameter
    Adapter input Voltage:AC100-240V 50Hz-60Hz Dual-Voltage.
    Adapter output Voltage、Current:DC15V 1500mA
    Talk time delay:120S ±10%
    Monitor time delay:40S ±10%
    Dissipation: stand by<0.5W, Working <10W
    Working Temperature :-35℃~55℃
    Relative humidity:10%-90%(RH)
    Main setting
    1 Pressing calling button from the outdoor unit, indoor monitor display image.
    2 Pressing monitoring button, indoor monitor display image.
    3 Taking a picture automatic or automatic a 10 S video are optional
    [take photos or videos triangular icon flashes when prompted]
    Button operation on monitor:
    Monitoring interface, button operation
    Playback button: View photo or video
    Video button: Video 10S
    Image button: Take one picture
    Monitoring button: Standby
    Back button: Returns to the calendar interface
    Enter the menu interface, button operation
    Video button: right
    Image button: left
    Monitoring button: to confirm entry
    Back button: Returns to the previous menu
    Playback button: View photo or video

    Parameter Description
    LCD driver 800 X 480
    Photo format JPEG standard
    Video encode MJPEG standard, AVI file
    The video input CVBS analog video input
    FLASH memory 2MB Flash, store 50 pictures.
    TF / SD card storage Default TF / SD card 4GB (maximum support 32GB)
    Length of a single video file 10 seconds
    Working voltage DC15V ± 1V
    Operating Current 330mA
    Start-up time 1 second
    Working Temperature -35 ℃ ~ +55 ℃